Time Lapse

Time Lapse photography and video can be used to greatly enhance and differentiate your property from all of the rest. Time lapse projects require a substantially greater effort to produce, however, the results speak for themselves. In general, 300-1200 images are needed to produce around 10 seconds of a time lapse. So, if the final video/time lapse runs 40 seconds or so, there would be thousands of images. Naturally, we’ve taken time lapse to the next level and added motion control which means the camera is moving through the environment during each step of motion/between each exposure. This is known as shoot-move-shoot.

Time Lapse Workflow:
In a nutshell, the workflow that we use consists of capturing the images, processing them in Lightroom including color temp adjustments, exposure and grading, reducing image flicker (if present), importing the xmp files and exporting again from Lightroom. Importing into After Effects for processing into an animation sequence. After this step is completed, the final video is assembled and output, uploaded to be shared and enjoyed.