When quality and reputation are valued, please allow us to give you a customized quote for your project.

Long term Time-lapse Video: We use custom enclosures and equipment to run continuous time lapses of up to 3 years. See our St. Anthony’s Project

Denver Real Estate Video Tour: Using our customized setup, we are able to create captivating video sequences that showcase your subject matter. Instead of simply panning left to right from a tripod head, we are able to actually move the camera up to 6′ linear motion – any inclination or horizontally. The effect that can be achieved is substantially more professional looking than your average handheld video production.  Pricing begins at $300 for homes under 350k including video hosting.

Motion Controlled Time-lapse Video: We use specialized equipment to transcend time and portray your property in choreographed manner best experienced through our production methods. This method entails taking several thousand still photographs while the camera is in a controlled state of motion. Later the footage is compiled into a time-lapse and later edited into a video. This is very labor intensive and time consuming – therefore, it’s advisable to use this as an intro or perhaps for a stunning sunset from the property to complete a video tour.  Please inquire for pricing.

Panoramic Real Estate Photography: If you can dream it up, I can make it happen.  If you have a large property with a beautiful home in a beautiful setting, we can capture the entire scene in a dramatic custom panoramic image.  Available for worldwide assignments.

HDR Real Estate Photography: Using our high end digital SLR 22-36mp, we are able to create stunning still photographs of residential and commercial properties as well as any surrounding attractions that may contribute to the impact of your project.  Interior/Exterior HDR photography begins at $200.  Special exterior dusk/night photography is $150-200 (Denver metro).  This level of service is appropriate for homes/condos/lofts >300k.  We can also handle projects for median priced homes with prices to match – please inquire.

Industrial and Redevelopment Media Projects: Managing public perception is an important facet of projects that are seen to have an impact on a community.  Often, a coordinated media campaign is augmented when incorporating something such as a long term time-lapse project or insightful video clips giving an insiders viewpoint to the public (time-lapses of up to 1 yr at a time) are available, please inquire and discuss your project with me today.