Denver Real Estate Panoramas

Real Estate Video tours alone are often not sufficient when trying to present a property set in a beautiful location. More often than not, a Real Estate Video is embedded in an article and needs to have a great lead in photograph or panorama to peak the readers’ interest. By utilizing panoramic photographic techniques, HD Real Estate Video tours will have significantly more efficacy simply because someone is more likely to follow through and view the video.

In the past, high quality panoramic photographs were produced on medium format film like this example seen below. The angle of view was roughly 145 degrees and the image was created with one single exposure which can be difficult if not impossible to have the entire image be properly exposed. This was taken at around 11,000 ft in Breckenridge, Colorado on a sunny morning. There are no window treatments as this would block the incredible views.

Breckenridge Real Estate Photography and Video


Now, with our specialized equipment, software and techniques we are able to produce a normally framed or a panoramic image that is going to replicate what the human eye would be able to see and then some. Interior panoramas are more challenging than exterior panoramas, however, the impact and the rarity of these types of images set them apart from the mundane.