Construction Timelapse

Denver Construction Timelapse
Short term construction time lapse – 3 days:

Documenting a long term construction project with a construction timelapse video is a very powerful way to archive and be able to share the process. Planning and capturing the timelapse requires a fair amount of attention especially when the timelapse scope encompasses multiple days, weeks, months and even years as was the case with the St. Anthony’s Hospital redevelopment.

Denver Construction TimelapseDenver Construction Timelapse

The demolition timelapse phase took approximately one year and the reconstruction phases the next two years.
This set of images differs by 1mm or from 12mm to 11mm field of view. It became clear that this change would benefit the project approx 2 years into the 3 year project. I’ve aligned the horizon, however, upon close inspection it’s clear that there is a slight shift. All of the roads were completely removed during the project including the one in the foreground.

Post-processing expertise including the management 500-250k images and the ability to sift through them efficiently is best achieved utilizing certain methods and tools.

Pitfalls of long-term construction timelapse:
Variable lighting conditions
Variable weather conditions
Variable activity levels on the construction site
Equipment failure
Power interruptions
Platform instability/disturbances
Animal and insect attacks
Dust, rain, wind, ice and hail