Denver Real Estate Photographer

Working as a Denver Real Estate Photographer, I call upon my extensive knowledge and photographic experience to produce some of the most unique and compelling real estate photography in the Denver area. Our Real Estate Photography is comprised of two parts: technique and creativity. Bringing both of those elements together is but one facet of what sets our imagery apart from the rest. If you demand images that do not show overt wide angle distortion along the edges of each image then perhaps continue reading. Perspective control is essential, however, often overlooked and its significance poorly understood. Post processing is another area that helps make the difference in our final products. We use state of the art software and proprietary techniques that have been developed over the last 22 years. In the end, the only thing that matters is how the image stands up on its own.

Ultra wide angle interior

Ultra wide angle interior

Panoramas for real estate photography projects can create a lot of buzz, however, my latest specialty is motion controlled time lapse which is the new frontier that others will clamor to emulate. MOCO time lapse is infinitely more complex than creating a static image in that there are numerous variables that are introduced by the simple aspect of the passage of time. Naturally, we offer extensive HDR real estate photography services. In a nutshell, HDR photography combines multiple images of the same subject to create a perfectly exposed image. We are capable of using up to 9 different exposures to create one image… often a single HDR panorama may contain well over 60 images.

Our understanding of the Real Estate market goes way back as my parents have been and are involved in Real Estate. I have worked for Property Management companies in many capacities. Timeliness and good communication are two aspects of our service that we strive to maintain.

A bit more about myself:
I’m involved with humanitarian projects almost every year as I have been a travel photographer for the last 18 years traveling to 25 countries. With this in mind, there isn’t any location that I’m unwilling to photograph.